Universal Design

Casa Caudì was born to be reachable by everyone; the rooms, all with private bathroom, are wheelchair
accessible and services dedicated to people with disabilities.
Designing according to the “Design for All strategy” means conceiving environments, systems, products
and services that can be used autonomously and intuitively by people with different needs and abilities,
involving human diversity in the design process. This holistic and innovative approach represents a creative
and ethical challenge to meet the needs of all users, regardless of their condition.
For this reason Casa Caudì has been designed with an articulation of spaces that combines aesthetics and
functionality for all, with elements of inclusive and sustainable design of environments, devices and
services, starting from a Human Centered approach. This was also made possible by the use of home
automation and digital technologies, with particular attention to the needs of users with weak physical,
sensory and cognitive skills.
From the lift to the ramp, from the vertical garden to the bathrooms, from the domotics that controls all
the technologies and systems of the building to the people-lift, from the absence of barriers in the common
areas to the availability of bathtub and step lifts; in an invisible way the restoration of Casa Caudì has made
possible the use of the building by everyone, and therefore better for everyone.